Our vision has been very consistent since when we just started out more than 130 years ago. First and foremost for us is serving Ayurveda, in its purest and finest form, no marketing gimmicks, no false promises. That alone covers a lot of it because Ayurveda isn’t just about healing, its more about balance of energies. Balance is often overshadowed by ones desire for excellence but balance is one of the more important qualities, not just inner balance but living in balance with the world.


BalanceAyurveda is about taking medicinal herbs and combining them to help mankind live a more balanced life, but we take that further we want to maintain the balance with the world. Giving back to earth, making products that are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. 100% plant based formulations that are made using refined modern methods to minimise waste.

Balancing the scale by buying from local vendors be it packing material, raw material or even services we try our best to source it locally. Helping maintain our immediate environment and not feeding potential monopolies.

Self Produce

Raw Plant Material While we don’t have anything against trading but we believe Dharishah’s logo on a product should mean an assurance that the product was made a 100 percent from scratch using just the very raw materials in-house at our facility. Thats more than 60 products, not many other companies can claim to make all their products on their own. Most consumers don’t realise how many of the products they consume weren’t actually produced by the company they bought it from. The sad truth is that most companies don’t even know how their products are made. If you see our logo on a product you can be certain it was made by us with utmost love and care.


Our missions change as time changes and as we accomplish our previous goals. Our main mission will always be to be true to the vision our forefathers had, while growing and excelling each step of the way.


We hope to reach to a bigger audience for our products so more people can benefit from our services and live a more balanced life. While our current family isn’t small by any means we hope to reach people who hadn’t heard of us before possibly through the internet.

Eco Aware

While we are already pretty self-aware about our effect on the environment and we take a lot of measures to minimise that effect. Theres always more that can be done. Starting from 2021 95% percent of the electricity we consume will generated through renewable resources, our emissions are already pretty low but that is the next step we are going to take. We are also looking into making our product packaging more sustainable by changing materials we used to removing unnecessary promotional material.


Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is one of the oldest methods of treating human body, it has its roots in the Indian Subcontinent with some scholars suggesting that ayurveda was practiced in civilisations as old as Indus Valley Civilisation. It is a method of using medicinal properties of rare and common plants to heal ailments of human body.

As per Ayurveda, the treatment is based on three principles, better diagnosis and treatment regime is based on these three DOSHAS VAT (Vayu), KAPHA (Water) and PITTA (Agni). This theory is further linked with “Panchabhuta” As Ayurvedic Science with the prominent component of a living creature as composed of “Panchabhootas” – Prithvee (Earth), AP (water), Teja (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Ether). In the same manner, the herbal drugs are also composed of some microscopic forms of these very five basic components.

Therefore, Ayurvedic medicines are more safe to human body for permanent relief from the ailments. In a healthy body, there is a total balance and coordination of all these components, and they control entire digestive-metabolic and circulatory process. Any disturbance in these functions of any component leads to malfunctioning of different body systems which results in precipitation of disorders and ailments.

Being the product from natural origin, they are virtually free from toxic or adverse effects, hence can be given for the prolonged time and their effect is sustained. Build strong inner health, restores coordination of body, mind and soul and promotes nature’s own healing process. Promote the defensive mechanism of the body and prevents mankind from any invasion from outside, which could be harmful to health

It also has a benefit of being a “science of time” none of the classical formulations of ayurveda were made after a mere months of research. Instead they were formulated by valuable knowledge of medicinal plants passed through hundreds of generations. So their effects are more well known to us, and are famously known for having no ill side effects.

Not all ayurvedic products are created equal

While knowing the proper medicinal plant that heals a particular dosha isn’t hard to know since wide availability of resources on the internet, knowing which part of the plant to use and how to treat it precisely to extract most beneficial properties out of it is a whole different task. That is why we at Dharishah make ALL our products from scratch using just the raw plant material. We make extracts keeping in mind the exact plant and its particular properties, not many other companies can claim to do that.

Ayurveda while being very effective in certain kinds of ailments it has its restrictions too. One should be wary of ayurvedic products claiming things that are out its arsenal. Claims like making someone taller or treating cancer should be put under suspicion in the very least.

Our History

Our pharmacy was established in 1889 in Mian Wali (Lahore) by late Shri Hakim Dhari Shah, they were a well known hakim of his time who had several of his own formulations. His formulations helped locals heal and that was his greatest joy. When his family moved to Ambala before partition it became hard to start from the beginning but that didn’t stop him or his family. His son Late Shri Ram Dass Dhamija(ex MLA) re established the pharmacy after a lot of struggles in Ambala Cantt, Haryana in 1948 under his fathers name.



After a few days of adding these details to the website, we were contacted on facebook by someone who told us that their family bought the pharmacy our family left during partition and that it is still in almost the same condition as our forefathers left it and shared some photos with us, he also shared stories about the place in a very heart-felt conversation we had with him. Everyone in the family was delighted to see the photos because no one had seen the place since the partition.

HDSP LogoH Dhari Shah Pharmacy(HDSP) being so closely linked to Hakims it was our company’s main mission to be manufacturers first. After Shri Ram Dass ji’s demise his son Mr. Rajinder Dhamija took over the operations of the pharmacy, refined the formulations, introduced modern and more reliable methods of extraction, made larger scale production possible and improved greatly on quality control measures. These changes helped pharmacy reach new levels of reach, with products being to all over India and the product catalog increasing to more than 60 Unani and Ayurvedic products all products. All these products still being manufactured from scratch in house.



We began manufacturing for several big name companies such as Ind Swift ltd, Leeford ltd and Croford. Making HDSP the mark of excellence on product ranges of big products. Still staying connected to our roots and visions. Till this point most of marketing was done through the word of mouth, people sharing their experiences with their peers etc. It was time for a rebranding, so while trying to get our presence online we rebranded the pharmacy under the name Dharishah Ayurveda, staying true to Ayurveda and our ancestral beginnings. We are now fourth generation of our family tree fully into serving Ayurveda the best we know how to.